Hi, I’m “Rhonda Vous,” purveyor of this fine establishment…but I wasn’t always so.

I used to be the good girl. I did everything I was supposed to do. I was in the fast lane to the American dream, untenable student loans, overvalued mortgage, tiny electric car, planning a wedding…on the verge of the suburban dream. After years of hard work and building a “solid” foundation, Life was finally going to begin! And it was going to start with lovely outdoor nuptials and daffodils. Instead, it ended with an inner-office affair with his assistant.

So I took my best friend with me on my Jamaican honeymoon, had a life-altering experience (think naked toga parties, a drop-dead gorgeous Scotsman, and way too much ganja), and decided I was never going back to my old life.

So I blew up my bridges, packed up my MacBook, and set out to conquer the world…one sexy man…or woman ;)…at a time.

Now I roam the world as my heart pleases. These days, I’m more concerned about enjoying my life instead of building one, of exploring the world instead of wondering what’s out there. When I die and my life flashes before my eyes, I want it to be a show worth watching…or reading about.

So if you like travel romance, active romance, erotica, adventures in sex, and chick lit-erotica allegedly based on true stories, check out my books. I’m here to show you a good time. ;)

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